Best VHF DX Expedition

First of all, we would like to thank you very much for all your votes for our MMMonVHF voting:


"BEST VHF Expedition of 2018"


during the voting period that ended on the 20th of Januari 2019, registrated users from MMMonVHF were able to vote on expeditions, that were published on the Review Page of during 2018.


The top 10 Expeditions for EME and MMS sections are listed below:



 9N7AP                   C37MS
 Z66EME                   ESoUG/8
 3B8MB                   ESoUG
 4L/RM8A                   UA1ZFG
 C8T                   ZA5V
 CR2EME                   MJ/SP7VC
 7P8Z                   EI9E
 PJ6E                   CR2EME
 ZA5V                   UA1ZFG


Congratulations to all the DX-expeditions and their participants. On behalf of many people active on VHF, we would like to thank them for their efforts during their expeditions in which many were given a new DXCC or locator.

The winners of each sections are awarded with the honery titel "Best VHF EME-expedition 2018" or "Best VHF MS-expedition 2018". The title is bestowed to them as an award in recognition of their merits.


On behalf of the team of MMMonVHF,


Frank, PA4EME