Best VHF DX Expedition

Dear VHF-fans and participants of the MMMonVHF voting,


First of all, we would like to thank you very much for all of your votes for our MMMonVHF voting: 

„BEST VHF Expedition of 2016”


during the voting period from 1st to 20th of January 2017, we counted 330 votes from 26 different countries for expeditions, which were published on the Review Page of during 2016.


The  top10 Expeditions for EME and MS sections are listed below:








 E44CM 37  C37MS 35
 S9YY 23  EI9E  26
 P40MB 20  EA6/PA2CHR  23
 6Y5AZ 12  ES0UG  12
 JT0YTX 9  GM6VXB/P (JO07)
 VK5APN 8  GM6VXB/P (JO08)


6  TF3CY  6


6  SF3NR  5




A special word of thanks goes this year to Martin Andrew, GM6VXB, who isn't a winner of one of the categories. Martin has taken radiostuff on many  of his working trips around remote  sites and  islands in northern parts of Scotland and to offshore installations on the North Sea during the last years. He activated rare locators which he himself has not worked before, even that they are well in reach of his homelocation. He spent countless hours of listening to noise waiting for those who turned their antenna to the north. Martin will be retired very soon and we hope he may enjoy all the pleasures of his riterement including working some rare locators himself.


Congratulations to the all DX-peditions and their participants. On behalf of many people active on VHF, we would like to thank them for their efforts during their expeditions in which many were given an new DXCC or locator.


The winners of each section are awarded with the honery titel "Best VHF EME-expedition 2016" or "Best VHF MS-expedition 2016". The title is bestowed to them as an award in recognition of their merits.


On behalf of the team MMMonVHF,


Frank, PA4EME