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Today's Meteor Activity

The 'Today's Meteor Activity' graphic shows the averaged daily Meteor Activity provided by the Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin (RMOB). It's updated every hour. This graphic is free for linking to from your own website by using this link


Major shower for this month is Leonids, peaking November 17, 11h UT (nodal crossing) with ZHR around 15 hr-1. Since last perihelion passage of parent Comet (55P/Tempel-Tuttle) was in 1998, only relatively moderate activity can be expected this year.
According to Mikiya Sato's model calculations, there are a few dust trail approaches in 2020.
1600-trail (leading the comet and composed by predominantly faint meteors) will bring some activity on November 17 between 06h50m and 08h13m UT (λsol= 235.100-235.158 degs).
Some further trail approaches are predicted: 901-trail (November 18, 00h58m UT, λsol= 235.852 degs) and 1234 trail (November 20, 15h28m UT, λsol= 238.490 degs). Both are probably at detection limit, since perturbations reduced the density a lot.

Have a look also to α-Monocerotids. Their most recent outburst was observed in 1995 , with top EZHR of about 420, lasted for five minutes, while the entire outburst lasted 30 minutes. Modelling by Esko Lyytinen indicate that the main AMO trail crosses the Earth's orbit in 2020, but Earth is not near those points in November. Some low activity may also occur on November 21, 09h50m UT (λsol= 239.264 degs).

For Radio Observers, the (theoretical) UT peaks for upcoming showers in November 2020 are as follows:

Northern Taurids
Active: October 20 - December 10
Maximum: November 12 (λsol= 230 degs)
ZHR: Low (5hr-1)

Active: November 6 - November 30
Maximum: November 17, 11h UT (λsol= 235.27 degs)
ZHR: Medium (15 hr-1)

Active: November 15 - November 25
Maximum: November 21 (λsol= 239.32 degs)
ZHR: Variable, but generally low

November Orionids
Active: November 13 - December 06
Maximum: November 28 (λsol= 246 degs)
ZHR: Low

Source: IMO