+++ ATTENTION: 12:50 UTC - HIGH MUF +++
+++    144 MHz Meteorscatter Sprint Contest 2022    +++

MMMonVHF, in cooperation with the magazines DUBUS and Funk-Telegramm, invites you to take part in the 15th edition of the “144 MHz Meteorscatter Sprint Contest” during the maximum of the Perseids meteor shower (PER). Based on predictions from IMO (the International Meteor Organisation), this maximum will occur on August 13, 2022, between 02:00 GMT and 05:00 GMT.
All information about the contest and rules can be found here.
At the bottom of that page you will find information about the 2023 edition of the contest.

Todays MUF propagation

Data by DXrobot / PE1NWL
and LiveMUF / G7RAU

Todays MS propagation

Data averaged from 13 RMOB
sources across Europe

Todays SOLAR propagation

Data by DXCluster VHFDX.EU

Latest ES   2022-08-06

Sporadic E

Latest TR   2022-07-20


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2022-07-01 13:59 by SV9IOQ:
Burst of european amateur station heard now in Crete on 144Mhz
2022-06-23 08:34 by SV9IOQ:
FM russian broadcasting stations heard in Crete.
2022-06-22 09:21 by SV9IOQ:
Intence outburst on vhf from europe!
2022-01-20 17:06 by HEINEKEN:
Can i get 28.145mhz on my ht
2022-01-03 19:54 by DH6DAO:
Anyone knows QSL route for R3ICQ? tnx dh6dao/Ray
2021-12-12 20:58 by GM0ICF:
CQ on 28.140MHz JTMS tonight!
2021-12-11 18:31 by GM0ICF:
Geminid MS rates going up. CQ 28.140MHz msk144
2021-12-10 16:47 by GM0ICF:
CQ on 28.145MHz MSK144 at 18UT
2021-12-10 16:47 by GM0ICF:
2021-06-17 15:42 by PA4EME:
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