MS sprint contest







I could do with a few more dB's out put, a higher antenna, and a better QTH! KST is a great tool in the bag for VHF + upwards operation, but the amount of QSO data being passed over was quite a lot, I do appreciate that not everyone is operating the contest. Not knowing who else was in the MS Sprint, I tried not to give any QSO info away in chat messages. Next year I'll be back and have a proper go at the MS Sprint. Thanks for the 8 contacts I made.

73 & Good luck to all entrants, Thanks to those who went /P and thanks for the organising teams efforts.

Martin M0HOM




Thank you to everyone who called me and spent my time on communication with me. Before the new meet on the air.

73! Андрей UT2UB



I have tried MS traffic from the high mountain. Height 1.042 meters above sea level. Unfortunately Tropo QRM was very strong. Also, strong electrical discharges on Monday afternoon did not allow to complete several QSOś. We managed to complete a total of 74 MS QSO. All FSK441. The fast QSO with OY9JD is New DXCC country, new # and field for me. I thank all the boys for a great experience, nice QSO and I look forward to hearing next year. 

Any information, photos, and maps are on my Web site:


 Jirka OK1DQT



As in every perseids shower since many years, I wanted to be active on MS. My QTH is at 1650 masl with generally very good horizon, but because of the height, WX is an important point. Fortunately this year the WX was good and only shortly on the second day of the MS Sprint I have had some QRN problems.

The shower was in my opinion more or less in the average and the IMO predictions seemed to be accurate. Compared to the last years I have had more stations in the log from northwest and northern Europe, less from eastern Europe, perhaps because I have simply pointed more in those directions my antennas.


Some very nice contacts have been made and the ODX this time is with Lapland thanks to Mauri OH9HEU at 2210 KM from my QTH. SM2CEW Peter at just a few km less than Mauri was again another highlight and the qso was full with strong and long reflections. Some other long distance MS QSOs came in to my log for a total of 8 QSOs >2000 km (5 of them >2100 km).


Many thanks to all stations who called me and sorry for the ones with whom I could not complete the QSO.


MS and MS SPrint is always a lot of fun, so see you next year!

HB9FAP - Fabio