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Aurora is a phenomena which is most prevalent in the regions close to the so called "Aurora Belt". Depending on where you live in the world this belt may be southern Canada or the northern part of the Nordic countries. In these areas Aurora will occur a dozen times a year, even in the quiet periods of the Solar Cycle. If you live more to the south, like in Central Europe, years may pass with little or no Aurora openings.
 Finally, after a very long solar minimum, our neighbouring star has been showing activity since early 2010. Sunspots have been appearing again, but thus far there have been no major Aurora openings. However, we are interested to have infos about ANY Aurora opening occurring in the European area (other parts of the Northen and Southern hemisphere may be added later, depending on Ham and Solar activity). So if you make any Aurora QSOs on 2 metre or 70 cm, please post them into the aurora page using LOGIN, or send as a text file to and The results of QSOs will be plotted on a map of Europe, and/or posted as lists of worked stations.

In order to produce an intersection map of the position of the Aurora cloud(s), we need reports from both stations who have been involved in a QSO, including an accurate beam heading. Please use LOGIN (please register), and file your list of QSOs by clicking: "Send your report" and follow the guidelines. 
Example log entry by PA3BIY:
12:14 PA4EME JO20WX 45
12:17 HA5CRX JN97NM 85

If you are new to VHF DX, you might want to read this small introduction article about Aurora and its relation to the Sun. Other articles related to VHF propagation can be found on the FORUM page.

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25. Oct 2016

Autumn is typical the best period for Aurora, as the coupling between de Sun and Earth's magnetic field is strongest. Hence relatively small disruptions may cause Aurora into central Europe.

Thanks to Alex, RA4SD for providing some impression from the Aurora in his area.

M0HOM, Martin - IO93QO
FT-100, 50W, 9el Tonna+preamp@8M abv gnd
1721 SM4IVE JO79SD 0
OK1SC, Jan - JO70OB
TRX HM 350W + 10eY+LNA CF300
OZ1BEF JO46OE 789km
13:48 SM6CEN 56A HRD JO67AJ QTF 05 Hrd only
13:57 UA2FL 57A KO04FQ 55A QTF 30
14:00 OZ1BEF 59A JO46OE 55A QTF 10
14:14 DK2OY 55A HRD JO44WS QTF 00 Hrd only
Aurora was been here weak. HRD cca 8 stns. Very much local QRM.
Best regards 73! Jan
RA4SD, Alex - LO36WP
FT-817nd, PA 300wt, HA8ET LNA, 9 el yagi
RA2FB, 1622 km
12:38 RA1AC KO49VV
12:43 R3CT KO86QE
12:50 RV3IG LO17FJ
12:52 RM1A KO59BU
12:53 RA9FMT LO87BW
12:53 R1AY KP50BS
12:54 UA4WFN LO66CK
12:55 UA4NM LO48UP
12:57 ES6DO KO27WX
13:01 RA1ZC KO59CL
13:03 UA3MBJ KO87QV
13:04 RK9CC MO06PT
13:06 UA4NDX LO48TO
13:09 RA4PZ LO45MO
13:12 RW3VM LO16BF
13:16 RW3TJ LO16MB
13:19 RV9FF LO87CX
13:21 R9TA LO63TQ
13:21 UA9CFH MO07UA
13:27 RK3MWC KO97VQ
13:31 R9FC LO88DC
13:34 UA4UK LO14MA
13:36 RG3R LO03VK
13:39 UA3XAC KO85HC
13:40 RA3RF LO03WK
14:19 YL2FZ KO37QI
14:25 RA2FB KO05WB
14:35 RW4HW LO43QM
14:45 RN3F KO86RE
My first AU from new QTH.
Happy with many new calls in AU and new DXCC RA2FB, my new ODX!