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Aurora is a phenomena which is most prevalent in the regions close to the so called "Aurora Belt". Depending on where you live in the world this belt may be southern Canada or the northern part of the Nordic countries. In these areas Aurora will occur a dozen times a year, even in the quiet periods of the Solar Cycle. If you live more to the south, like in Central Europe, years may pass with little or no Aurora openings.
 Finally, after a very long solar minimum, our neighbouring star has been showing activity since early 2010. Sunspots have been appearing again, but thus far there have been no major Aurora openings. However, we are interested to have infos about ANY Aurora opening occurring in the European area (other parts of the Northen and Southern hemisphere may be added later, depending on Ham and Solar activity). So if you make any Aurora QSOs on 2 metre or 70 cm, please post them into the aurora page using LOGIN, or send as a text file to and The results of QSOs will be plotted on a map of Europe, and/or posted as lists of worked stations.

In order to produce an intersection map of the position of the Aurora cloud(s), we need reports from both stations who have been involved in a QSO, including an accurate beam heading. Please use LOGIN (please register), and file your list of QSOs by clicking: "Send your report" and follow the guidelines. 
Example log entry by PA3BIY:
12:14 PA4EME JO20WX 45
12:17 HA5CRX JN97NM 85

If you are new to VHF DX, you might want to read this small introduction article about Aurora and its relation to the Sun. Other articles related to VHF propagation can be found on the FORUM page.

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22. June 2015

On 21st of June AR12371 produced a major flare + CME. This CME hit earth after just 40 hours transit time and produced Major storm condions. An aurora started just when Es ceased around 19 z (or caused it cease?). However after a few hours the interplanetary field swung from -30 nT back to around 0, and the aurora disappeared. What we got back for it was a strong AUE! SM2CEW peaked S5, and also SK2AT could be worked with S1...3 signals.

DL6BF, Heinz - JO32QI
SM2CEW 1701
19:03 G8BCG IO70RK 15 -AU
19:12 LA3EQ JO28XJ 15 -AU
19:50 SM4IVE JO79SD 20 -AU/AUE
20:03 SM2CEW KP15CR 26 -AUE
20:18 SM2A KP04NP 25 -AUE
20:22 SK2AT KP03BU 25 -AUE
Nice AUE, SM2CEW hrd long time,sigs up to 579.Strange Aurora Opening,hrd only 5 Stn in A-Sound, tnx all !
ON4KHG, Gaetan - JO10XO
600W+ 12el 4wl
21:48 SM2CEW KP15CR 25 539 559 Direct path (25) via AuE 1980km
PA3BIY, Peter - JO22HB
20:52 SM2CEW KP15CR
21:22 SM2CEW KP15CR
21:35 SK2AT KP03BU
I did not make any AU QSOs, but this AUE was quite astonishing as Peter peaked a real S5!
PA4EME, Frank - JO20WX
RX 0.22 dB, 14 el LFA 3R, QRO
19:12 LA3EQ JO28XJ 25

20:22 SM2CEW KP15CR 15 Auroral-E
Most time spent on listening. Nice to work Auroral E for first time in many years again...enjoying the "mess" for those trying to work SM2CEW and SK2AT via Auroral E.
SK2AT, Clubstation - KP03BU
TS790 2x 15 el 300w
G4DHF 1693km
20:17 DJ2TX JO33SA 220
20:17 PA4VHF JO32JE 220
20:18 PA2CHR JO32DB 220
20:19 DK3BU JO33NO 220
20:26 DL6BF JO32QI 220
21:08 G4KUX IO94BP 240
21:11 OZ1LPR JO44UW 220
21:16 G4SWX JO02RF 240
21:23 LA3EQ JO29XJ 240
21:34 G4DHF IO92UU 240
21:35 PA3BIY JO22EB 220
21:48 DG5CST JO60DS 220
22:10 DK1CO JO63SX 220
73 Per / SM2LIY
SM7GVF, Kjell - JO77GA
1 kW 4x8 el

21:25 SM2CEW KP15CR 1052 km
21:48 GM4VVX IO78TA 1135 km