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Aurora is a phenomena which is most prevalent in the regions close to the so called "Aurora Belt". Depending on where you live in the world this belt may be southern Canada or the northern part of the Nordic countries. In these areas Aurora will occur a dozen times a year, even in the quiet periods of the Solar Cycle. If you live more to the south, like in Central Europe, years may pass with little or no Aurora openings.
 Finally, after a very long solar minimum, our neighbouring star has been showing activity since early 2010. Sunspots have been appearing again, but thus far there have been no major Aurora openings. However, we are interested to have infos about ANY Aurora opening occurring in the European area (other parts of the Northen and Southern hemisphere may be added later, depending on Ham and Solar activity). So if you make any Aurora QSOs on 2 metre or 70 cm, please post them into the aurora page using LOGIN, or send as a text file to and The results of QSOs will be plotted on a map of Europe, and/or posted as lists of worked stations.

In order to produce an intersection map of the position of the Aurora cloud(s), we need reports from both stations who have been involved in a QSO, including an accurate beam heading. Please use LOGIN (please register), and file your list of QSOs by clicking: "Send your report" and follow the guidelines. 
Example log entry by PA3BIY:
12:14 PA4EME JO20WX 45
12:17 HA5CRX JN97NM 85

If you are new to VHF DX, you might want to read this small introduction article about Aurora and its relation to the Sun. Other articles related to VHF propagation can be found on the FORUM page.

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27. Feb 2014

The 3rd largest flare of this cycle (X4.9) occured just past GMT midnight on Februari 25th. The source was sun spot 11990, which was just rotating into view. The flare was accompanied by an asymmetrical CME, which reahced Earth on the vening of the 27th, despite its unfavourite position. The IMF swung moderately southwards, causing storm level storming. The K-index reached 6 for a while. Auroar was worked as far south as southern PA, EI and G.

PA3BIY, Peter - JO22HB
Home Made, 400W, 2 x 12 ele
19:48 SM7GVF JO77GA 10
20:14 SM4IVE JO79SD 0
20:39 GM3WOJ IO77WS 350

Not much activity, but nice to hear the hissing sounds again!
PA4EME, Frank - JO20WX
14 el LFA 3R; QRO
GM4VVX IO78TA 54a 57a CW AUR 1023
GM3WOJ IO77WS 55a 57a CW AUR 993
LA3EQ JO28XJ 55a 57a CW AUR 824
LA3EQ JO28XJ 55a 57a CW AUR 824
SM4IVE JO79SD 54a 55a CW AUR 1094
SM7GVF JO77GA 54a 57a CW AUR 877
PA4VHF, Dick - JO32JE
TS850s + ME2T-pro
19:39 SM4IVE JO79SD 0
19:41 SM7GVF JO77GA 330
19:46 LA3BO JO59CD 0
19:53 SM4AIQ JO79BH 0
19:54 SM5KWU JO89IP 0
20:12 LA3EQ JO28XJ 10
20:21 GM3WOJ IO77XR 20
20:40 GM4VVX IO78TA 10
50MHz 20:59 ES2QN KO29DJ 30
22:00 ES1CW KO29HK 10
22:01 MA5DWW IO89ID 0
22:02 GM8IEM IO78HF 0
22:15 LJ5WB JP20QH 15
22:16 DF9OX JO53HH 25
23:02 DF9OX JO53HH 320 only signal on the band...........
SM4GGC, Stig - JO69RK
22:13 SP3IYM JO82LJ 59a 59a 812 km
22:13 SP3TYF JO82FH 55a 55a 814 km
22:16 YL2LW KO26CW 59a 59a 687 km
22:18 DF2MZ JO54DI 55a 56a 597 km
22:20 LY3UE KO24OP 55a 59a 886 km
22:22 SP6GZZ JO80FX 59a 59a 959 km
22:24 LY2CH KO14XV 59a 59a 808 km
22:26 SP3QDM JO82EF 55a 55a 822 km
22:28 LA3PK JO59KW 55a 56a 155 km
22:31 DL2ROM JO62RI 55a 55a 787 km
22:45 DL7VEE JO62SN 57a 56a 764 km
22:50 EW2BZ KO34OE 53a 59a 1017 km
23:20 ES3RF KO29IF 59a 59a 637 km
SP3IYM, Andy - JO82LJ
IC-910H, 500W GS-31B PA, 2x 9el OWL G0KSC @ 40m AGL
LA0BY JO59FW 931km
21:27 SM4IVE JO79CD 55A / 55A 757km
21:34 LA3BO JO59CD 57A / 56A 862km
22:04 SM5EPO JP80MC 55A / 56A 858km
22:13 SM4GGC JO69RK 59A / 59A 814km
22:34 LA0BY JO59FW 55A / 57A 931km
22:42 ES3RF KO29IF 53A / 59A 900km
22:53 SM4AIQ JO79BH 53A / 53A 790km
QTF of my antenna between 350-20 deg, most time 0 or 5 deg best signals.
My second AU openning. New loc, and new ODX AU.
Here audio records: