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Due to upcoming changes in the team of MMMonVHF, we are looking for a professional programmer who is perfect in PHP web developing. Our users are our passion and that's why you are not only an expert in software enginering but also in VHF and up. As part of our team, you will work on game-changing features of this website that is used by thousands of VHF enthusiasts worldwide.

Please mail us at software@mmmonvhf.de and don't forget to mention your callsign, profession, skills and motivation to join our team.

+++ MMMonVHF wants You! +++

Todays MUF propagation

Data by DXrobot / PE1NWL
and LiveMUF / G7RAU

Todays MS propagation

Data averaged from 17 RMOB
sources across Europe

Todays SOLAR propagation

Data by DXCluster VHFDX.EU

Latest ES   2020-07-27

Sporadic E

Latest TR   2021-03-23


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2021-03-05 11:56 by G4VZV:
OQ4U Tks for contact 56 into IO93IK
2021-03-05 11:56 by G4VZV:
OQ4U calling CQ on 144.300
2021-02-28 14:16 by G4VZV:
PA3MDM calling CQ 144300 no takers
2020-04-30 01:58 by CN8QY:
How I Kent confinement
2019-07-01 08:38 by 9A1CAL:
See forum post https://mmmonvhf.de/minibb/index.php?action=vthread&forum=8&topic=203
2019-07-01 08:36 by 9A1CAL:
France proposes 144-146 MHz for Aeronautical Mobile Service. See forum post https://mmmonvhf.de/mini
2019-06-26 17:06 by PA4EME:
The PA4EME magnetometer will be offline untill further notice. Sensorbox is defect.
2019-06-20 09:20 by DG2KBC:
Several maps have been reactivated at MMMonVHF
2019-05-31 07:40 by F1CBC:
This WE 1&2Jun19 france championship rom 144Mhz to 47Ghz
2019-03-31 08:29 by PA3KC:
QRL? Is this shoutbox in use?
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