Todays MUF propagation

Data by DXrobot / PE1NWL
and LiveMUF / G7RAU

Todays MS propagation

Data averaged from 11 RMOB
sources across Europe

Todays SOLAR propagation

Data by DXCluster VHFDX.EU

Latest ES   2017-08-03

Finally some ES back in the air...

Latest TR   2017-11-21


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2017-12-16 17:30 by PA4EME:
Magnetometer sensor back in place, reading should be ok starting 00:00 UTC 17-12-2017
2017-12-11 20:08 by PA4EME:
Those wondering aboutagnetograms: PA4EME magnetometer is in maintanance, readings will be OK soon
2017-11-26 23:47 by KE8GKO:
Transmitting: K8 MM M /B EN 91 MMM MMM MMM on 50.010Mhz @ 14WPM CW
2017-11-26 23:45 by KE8GKO:
Anyone have info on K8MMM/B EN91 on 50.010Mhz in Ohio?
2017-11-26 23:44 by KE8GKO:
K8MMM/B EN 91 on 50.010
2017-11-20 16:59 by G3NJV:
Spanish beacon ED1ZAG 55 in Cornwall
2017-10-25 19:37 by 2E0NEY:
Some tropo on 144MHz atm
2017-06-16 12:58 by PE1NWL:
Android ES alerts app:
2017-05-25 21:39 by PA0C:
PI7CIS/B QRV again on 432.416
2017-03-31 16:01 by DG2KBC:
Propagation gauges should now also work on Safari and Chrome browser.
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