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To all members of the VHF community ! Our colleague UT5UAS - active EME operator ( 144 and 432 Mhz ) , the member of the EK , ER expeditions , is very sick and he is at the hospital in the intensive care . He doesn`t have any relatives . We need to help him ! Any donations are welcome via Pay Pal to ut6ua@yahoo.bg ( UT6UA ) . Thank you very much ! 73! See via MOON Sergey.UR5LX

Todays MUF propagation

Data by DXrobot / PE1NWL
and LiveMUF / G7RAU

Todays MS propagation

Data averaged from 14 RMOB
sources across Europe

Todays SOLAR propagation

Data by DXCluster VHFDX.EU

Latest ES   2016-09-11

Unusual Sporadic E opening so late into the season from which many were convinced that it had ended already.

Latest TR   2017-03-11


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2017-03-03 17:39 by DK5EW:
We have intergrated now 10m beacons please send us 10m beacons data input to fill the database.
2016-12-28 12:51 by DL1KDA:
I just got the Info from Jon, OY9JD that all OY6BEC Beacons 6m-23cm are QRT after a very bad Storm.
2016-12-10 13:32 by DH6DAO:
Did anyone received a qsl for 6m activity OH/DH2UAK from KP38 in 2013? wkd him but no QSL yet
2016-11-27 11:49 by SP5XMU:
New multiband beacon SR5TDM from KO01kx now on-air. Check www.sr5tdm.com
2016-10-25 04:35 by DK5EW:
If you have info or update of any beacon please send it to manager via beacon section not shout here
2016-10-25 04:31 by DK5EW:
If you have Information or update of Andy beacon please update in beacon section to manager
2016-10-25 04:29 by DK5EW:
If you have Info Ort
2016-10-20 17:28 by OH6KTL:
SF3NR qsls to oh6pa whoos the manager
2016-10-20 17:26 by OH6KTL:
helloo, SF3NR qsls has arrived from printing so we will start to send out to who has been sending
2016-10-09 16:05 by SP5XMU:
New beacon project SR5TDM from KO01kx
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