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Detailed Beacon Data

Callsign: * EI2DKH
Locator: * IO51DN
Frequency [MHz]: * 144,488
Power [W]: 80
Antenna: 4 x 5 ele LFA-Q
QTF [degree]: 270
Status: T
Comment: Info by EI8JK - 2015-02-06 - Dedicated trans-Atlantic beacon that also listens (currently on 144.155) Any calls heard will be uploaded to dedicated web site Transmits even minutes on JT65b and first on FSK441
Town/City: Kilcrohane
County/State: County Cork
Operator Name: Tony
Elevation (asl) [m]: 56 m
Mode: JT65b plus FSK44
Polarity: H
Sponsor: Innovantennas and IRTS
*) Mandatory
Status: U Unknown, O Operational, X Not operational, T Testing, P Proposed
Polarity: U Unknown, H Horizontal, V Vertical, C Circular