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Aurora is a phenomena which is most prevalent in the regions close to the so called "Aurora Belt". Depending on where you live in the world this belt may be southern Canada or the northern part of the Nordic countries. In these areas Aurora will occur a dozen times a year, even in the quiet periods of the Solar Cycle. If you live more to the south, like in Central Europe, years may pass with little or no Aurora openings.
 Finally, after a very long solar minimum, our neighbouring star has been showing activity since early 2010. Sunspots have been appearing again, but thus far there have been no major Aurora openings. However, we are interested to have infos about ANY Aurora opening occurring in the European area (other parts of the Northen and Southern hemisphere may be added later, depending on Ham and Solar activity). So if you make any Aurora QSOs on 2 metre or 70 cm, please post them into the aurora page using LOGIN, or send as a text file to and The results of QSOs will be plotted on a map of Europe, and/or posted as lists of worked stations.

In order to produce an intersection map of the position of the Aurora cloud(s), we need reports from both stations who have been involved in a QSO, including an accurate beam heading. Please use LOGIN (please register), and file your list of QSOs by clicking: "Send your report" and follow the guidelines. 
Example log entry by PA3BIY:
12:14 PA4EME JO20WX 45
12:17 HA5CRX JN97NM 85

If you are new to VHF DX, you might want to read this small introduction article about Aurora and its relation to the Sun. Other articles related to VHF propagation can be found on the FORUM page.

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16. July 2017

The CME which erupted from AR12665 on July 14th, arrived late afternoon, and caused fairly strong aurora into central Europe.

DJ3AK, Detlef - JO52GJ
TS2000 400W 11ele
16:42 SM6CEN JO67AJ CW QTF 5°
17:15 SM4GGC JO69RIK CW QTF 5°
G4KUX, Nick - IO94BP
K3, 4 x 8 I0JXX, LDMOS PA -ve horizon to Auroral zones.
OH5LK 1834k
13:55 SM4GGC JO69RK CW QTF 025 1066K
14:04 LA6OJ JO38HH CW QTF 025 661K
14:07 SM6CEN JO67AJ CW QTF 025 915K
14:27 SM4FGN JO69XB CW QTF 025 1077K
14:43 OH5LK KP30ON CW QTF 025 1834K
14:50 SK5EW JO79XB CW QTF 025 1185K
15:08 PA3CWN JO33AH CW QTF 025 538K
15:12 SM2CEW KP15CR CW QTF 025 1792K
15:18 GM4ZJI IO86KE CW QTF 025 188K
15:28 DL8YE JO32TC CW QTF 045 690K
15:30 G3YDY JO01FQ CW QTF 045 363K
15:32 DL1SO JO53FU CW QTF 045 804K
15:56 SM5AUS JP90FF CW QTF 020 1359K
15:58 SM5EOI JO86FP CW QTF 020 1167K
16:02 DK1GS JO54KH CW QTF 040 823K
16:08 DJ0QZ JN49LM CW QTF 040 932K
16:10 SP1JEA JO84CE CW QTF 040 1167K
16:15 G3UDA IO82OQ CW QTF 040 226K
16:18 PA0JMV JO21PM CW QTF 040 590K
16:25 GM3WOJ IO77WS SSB QTF 020 374K
17:04 GM0HBF IO67IN SSB QTF 020 466K
Good level of activity, with occasional reasonable DX. Surprised to work Peter SM2CEW, not often heard via Aurora. Didn't go very far South JN49 furthest South caller.
PA3CWN, Oene - JO33AH
FT991 400W 7ele
1077 KM
13:57 SM4GGC JO69RK
14:13 LA6OJ JO38KH
15:07 G4KUX IO94BP
15:14 SM6FOV JO78BR
15:16 SM7EOI JO86FP
15:24 SK5EW JO79XB
15:30 GM4ZJI IO86KE
15:34 SM5AUS JP90FF
15:37 GM3WOJ IO77WS
15:39 SM7GVF JO77GA
16:02 GM3WOJ IO77WS ssb
16:40 SM6CEN JO67AJ
Nice Aurora with strong signals with QTF from 330 to 30
SO3Z, Andy - JO82LJ
IC7100 GS35B LNA 14el OWL 40m AGL
GM3WOJ 1461km
12:31 SM4GGC JO69RK CW QTF030
12:40 SM7GVF JO77GA CW QTF030
12:45 LA0BY JO59FW CW QTF035
12:50 SM5AUS JP90FF CW QTF015
13:20 SK5EW JO79XB CW QTF035 ONLY 25W and 4el ?
13:25 OZ1BEF JO46OE CW QTF010
14:10 SM7FMX JO65KN SSB QTF040
14:42 SM0GWX JO89XG SSB QTF015
14:58 OH5LK KP30ON CW QTF355
15:12 SM0MLZ JO99FM SSB QTF015
15:43 GM3WOJ IO77WS CW QTF345
15:53 SM6CEN JO67AJ CW QTF020
16:07 R3CT KO86QF CW QTF045
HEARD: sk4mpi beacon - rare here

audio records later at

Kjell SM7GVF was audible between 270deg to 90deg Best signal at 15 deg and 40 deg!
Other SM station had realy strong signal I copy him +/- 8kHz from center-correct qrg ;)

Vy good aurora but as always I had terrible noise from power line 2x 110kV :(